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Schools and the workplace are also areas where lack of understanding when it comes to ASD and gender-complexity can cause stress and anxiety for the individuals themselves, the people they are working with, those employing them and, in an educational context, those teaching them.

A different way of looking at the world offers a different way of handling incendiary situations and a move towards harmony on all fronts.

Down the line we also aim to offer CPD sessions for those in the counselling profession


Group sessions will often start with David talking about ASD and/or gender from the inside out.  He has, for instance, devised one or two interesting activities designed to give neurotypicals a sense of what it is like living with ASD.  On these occasions, Teresa will be on hand to guide the breakout exercises and to chip in with the NT view as a counterpoint to what David is saying.

Alternatively the session may begin with Teresa talking about the challenges of living with a partner on the Asperger’s spectrum: both with and without knowledge of ASD. Like David, Teresa will generate group work in which participants will develop a greater understanding of these very different ways of viewing the world.  David will be on hand to chip in when or if he feels an aspect needs more discussion, or if he feels Teresa hasn’t quite hit the mark….

All sessions will be organic and responsive to the experience and needs of the particular group.  We are happy to work with you on any specific issues you may have.

Both Teresa and David can talk about what it’s like to live with someone who walks into a shop and chooses the same dress as you do. What it’s like when your partner looks forward to a shopping trip. What it’s like when people look at you holding hands and you can see questions and sometimes disapproval flash across their faces.

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