Working with Families

We all know that families can be a powder-keg – and that’s without factoring in things like ASD and gender-complexity.

David and Teresa have experienced what it’s like to live in a mixed family where some members are on the autistic spectrum, and others are not. The clashes can be spectacular but, with understanding, they can be managed. Their road to understanding has included many successes as well as some pretty devastating failures - but they have learnt from those failures and grown better at understanding and communicating with one another as a result .


Logically, family sessions would follow on from the single-person sessions but we are not dogmatic on this. That said, if the family session does not seem to be making sufficient progress it may make sense for one or more members to attend a one-to-one session where they can air their concerns in complete privacy.

Again, we are able to offer one-off or multiple sessions – a safe space in which family members can develop understanding and where either David or Teresa or both, depending on your wish, will provide what almost might be called an ‘interpretation service’, i.e. translating the language and understanding of all the parties into something that makes sense to both the ASD and neurotypcial partners.

As understanding improves, we will help the family devise a plan for moving forward to a better, happier and more accepting future.

David and Teresa continue to experience challenges and frustration in their own lives: they have been there and are still there, but they are getting better at it.

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