What is Gender Complex

Gender-complex: the word ‘complex’ gives it away – there are no snappy definitions for this!

We are assigned a gender at birth, a gender which can only be male or female. It is assumed that this assigned gender will be with us for the rest of our lives.

Gender stereotypes  are everywhere. They are so prevalent that it is easy to believe they are real and to feel that we don’t have a choice.

Some people feel that the gender they are assigned at birth, which matches their physical characteristics, is wrong.  They believe they are ‘the other one’. The labels we use for this are Transgender and Transsexual but labels don’t tell us the whole story

Some people prefer to dress and/or behave in ways that are not stereotypical of their gender. There are boys who prefer dresses and shopping, girls who like trousers and football. The labels used here are Cross Dressing, Transvestite and Transgender. Again, they are not very helpful.

As for sexual orientation, there are so many variations that it’s hard to keep pace. In a lesbian relationship, for example, both may prefer a female role, or one might prefer male and the other female, or they might mix and match.

The term gender-complex covers all variations on the gender and sexuality theme and embraces a whole world of difference.