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OUPS Autism Video is ready

Following on from the presentation on Autism we did at the OU Psychology Society conference on Learning Difficulties, I said that Teresa recorded it, well, what actually happened was, …

On the spur of the moment when taking a photo at the beginning Teresa decided to Video the presentation on her mobile. It was an inspired idea but one we were unprepared for. So, it is hand held, varying audio and video quality, a fair degree of hand tremor (her hands got tired, understandably!), and all sorts of technical problems, …

But it’s there, I have done some simple editing to try to ensure that nobody else is in the video but me, however I am most definitely not a video editor so the quality of the editing is suspect too :-). Nevertheless we think it’s worth uploading it onto Youtube.

The Video of the presentation is here

A PDF of the slides is here.

A copy of the Video of the National Saxophone Choir that didn’t work so well is here.

A link to the scene from the Restaurant at the end of the Universe is here.

I’m sorry if you don’t always catch the words and there is a fair amount of talk that is not on the slides. We might generate a transcript one day and add it here, but until then, you only have to ask us 🙂

Oh and because the talk was about the difference between perception and reality I enjoyed making this.

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