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Arrived at the OU Psychology Society Conference in Warwick

Really this is just a test that I have worked out how to hang all the pieces of WordPress, Facebook and our Website together, it may take a tad of fiddling before it works, so bear with me.

Mind you being dyslexic and I see the word “bear” and all I can think of is the animal, I’m stumped if it’s the same word as “please be patient”, oh well, I’m sure you’ll work it out 🙂

I am studying for an OU degree in Social Psychology and just finished my 1st year, I joined the OU Psychology Society as that seemed like a good thing to do. Since the annual conference this year was on Learning Difficulties it seemed appropriate amongst all those experts to talk about what it’s like to be at the other end of all that research and diagnosis.  I started studying Psychology to learn to communicate in “their” language about what it’s like to live as and with people who are different – in my case that happens to be Autism and Dyslexia, but there is much more than that.

Anyway, Teresa came up from Cornwall and I met her off the train at Huntingdon (where I work and spend far too much of my time) and we drove over to Warwick. Both tired and hot, we showered, shaved (well I did that) and changed and headed for the bar, well you would, wouldn’t you.

The conference was held at the Radcliffe Centre at Warwick University and the facilities were first rate, better than many hotels I have stayed in, Teresa and I even got a double bed. So off to the bar, Teresa spotted a cocktails menu and her eyes lit up, I found the draught real ale, mine did too :-). As it happens it took forever for them to make Teresa’s cocktail so she ended up with a free Hendricks Gin – lucky girl.

We sat in this cool courtyard with our drinks and hence the picture. The conference was yet to get going, so report on that another time. Teresa videoed my talk so hopefully after some more technical faffing, that will appear.



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