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Gender at Cambridge Adlerian Society

CAS Talk2

Teresa commented: “David’s talk on gender: battling the stereotypes – why do we have to be one or the other when gender is a spectrum”.

This was a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) evening seminar on Gender. The main theme of which was that gender and sexuality are not binary and indeed people use gender and sexuality language without understanding what it means or when to use it. Surprisingly I was in a top and leggings and not a frock, though from past experience leggings seem to be more “shocking” than a dress or skirt to the average customer of Tesco or Sainsbury’s :-).

The first of four talks in 3 weeks

  • 24th June    CAS, Gender
  • 4th July        OUPS Annual Conference in Warwick, Autism
  • 11th July       Penzance Literature festival, Gender
  • 14th July      Penzance, Autism

And no two the same!


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