About David

A little something about David.

David is the eldest of 3 children. He has been married three times, divorced twice.
Two of these marriages foundered on the rocks of ASD and the third came close.
David is what we call Gender-complex and is comfortable being a mix of masculine and feminine in all areas. He dresses in female clothes because he prefers them, but he makes no pretence to be a (stereotypical) female although he certainly understands the difficulties of climbing in and out of a Landrover whilst wearing a skirt.
ASD manifests itself differently in men and women, partly due to the different attitudes towards social connection expected from the two genders. As a rule women are more likely to observe and work hard at social integration and are therefore less easy to identify as being on the autism spectrum. David’s more relaxed approach to gender is reflected in the way ASD manifests in him i.e. he is much more like a stereotypical woman than a stereotypical man.
Professionally, David is a software engineer. He is currently training to be a BACP Adlerian counsellor and is studying social psychology with the Open University