We call it T-shirts – because we’ve been there, we’ve felt that, and we know that talking helps

Welcome …

The Beanisons are husband and wife team Teresa Benison and David Bottomley.

David could be labelled as being on the Autistic spectrum and he certainly doesn’t fit any of the gender stereotypes.

Teresa is unrelentingly neurotypical, most definitely a girl yet a dab-hand with a screwdriver.

Learning to live together in harmony has been, and continues to be, a challenge for them both. The good news is that by working together, they have increased their mutual understanding of difference and learnt to celebrate that difference. Indeed, understanding is at the heart of their success, and talking is their key to understanding.

Understanding is also at the heart of this website. David and Teresa know that they are not alone, that there are other people out there who are struggling to understand one another. This website is here because they would like to help. You are not alone.

What is ‘normal’?

‘Normal’ is a label we often use because we all think we know what it means. But do we? What does it mean to be normal?
Human beings are not clones and trying to be ‘normal’, or expecting somebody else to be ‘normal’ just doesn’t work. It’s easy to generalise about how other people feel or think, but we cannot truly know. The reality is that however similar we may seem on the surface, underneath we are all different.


Useful Definitions

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